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Sponsor A Student!: Services

Become a #GetPREP Sponsor

We invite individuals and organizations to assist our efforts by sponsoring a student with their college prep needs.  Your sponsorship and support of our programs helps us close the achievement gap in the United States.  Click below to help a student #GetPREP!

Sponsorship Packages

...from admissions to graduation!

The PREP Factory provides sponsored, comprehensive college prep & retention-focused academic packages for 7th-12 grade students, high school graduates, and enrolled college students.  Students will participate in our bi-weekly college prep sessions and  monthly community service projects.  Sponsorship lasts one year, but can be renewed for continuation in our program. 



  • 7th - 8th Grade Sponsored Students will be enrolled in our college intro plan  that includes thorough college searches w/campus tours (schedule permitting), an introduction to the college admissions process, access to 5 college prep #GetPREP Academy workshops, including scholarship searching.

  • 9th - 10th Grade Sponsored Students will be enrolled in our college prep plan that builds on our intro package while introducing the enrollment management processes: admissions, housing, & financial aid.  Students will also gain access to our PREPSquad  Message Board and 10 #GetPREP Academy Workshops.

  • 11th - 12th Grade Sponsored Students will be enrolled in our high-performing #GetPREP Academy Student Leadership Institute that includes all #GetPREP Academy workshops, scholarship searches, and essay writing assistance, plus admissions & financial aid help.

  • Sponsored High School Graduates and Enrolled College Students will be entered in our college prep plan, which includes additional services for college survival, retention awareness, tracking student progress during their college career and internship and scholarship searching.

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