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Joining the Student Government Association (SGA) or other organizations while in college builds and cultivates a myriad of servant leadership skills such as programming and assessment, project management, public speaking, and honing oral and written communication skills.

Too often students who are innately shy steer clear of the opportunities joining such organizations afford. Those students, in particular, will likely benefit the most. It might seem an overwhelming thought to "put yourself out there." To be honest, it can be, BUT...! Consider this rationale, one of the lifetime values attending college affords us is multi-faceted growth. You ARE expected to change, so embrace the new you RIGHT NOW! We do caution you to remain a humble servant leader as more of the right doors and windows will open.

If you remain cooped up in your dorm room, you will only hear life moving forward. So you may as well engage in it, right?! If you don't know how to get started, visit your campus' Office of Student Affairs or Student Engagement (the name varies, but the function is the same). Get a list of campus organizations, visit them to learn their function and which aligns with you, your major/career goals, or if it just sounds like fun. Just remember, campus organizations are designed to build you and the institution. Never compromise your personal integrity or jeopardize graduation!

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